Who am I?

I’m Chrissy, I am the world’s leading Jack Russell Specialist. šŸ•
It started as a kid, my father used to breed dogs and he was also a handler of German Shepards when he worked in security. The dogs always came home with him and I always thought they were too soft to be hard! He tells me, and now I know myself,that the dog knows when it’s ‘work time’ and when it’s ‘home time’, this started to trigger my curiosity about the canine. Did the dog really know this? How can it? It doesn’t talk? How does it understand?
I knew then that my passion is going to be working alongside animals to try to understand them better.
My older sister, Kate, started to work in a dog rescue centre. She brought home “wrong uns”, those that couldn’t be rehomed. WOW! there was some major behaviour issues right there.
I remember a dalmatian that came and mum said to me ” do not go downstairs until an adult is with you”, I was about 8 years old, great challenge right therešŸ˜‚ I crept unsupervised downstairs where said dalmatian proceeded to get hold of my blonde plaits and drag me from one end of our 26 ft lounge to the other!!
The dogs kept coming and my thirst for knowledge to understand these wonderful creatures just got stronger and stronger!
As soon as I left school , I started to work at a professional level with dogs and horses.
The work was tiring, cold, exhausting, enjoyable, long hours, fascinating, poorly paid, beautiful, humbling..it brought about even more enthusiasm for me.
I started to have more questions than answers about animals.
I had to leave this line of work to raise my family and subsequently had a large gap where I had a ‘proper job’ that paid the bills, but goodness was it boring!
Each day I just knew that my place was not in that office writing policy for the government . Each day I spent in the office knowing that my time was something that I could never get back.
Each day I just dreamed of working again with animals.
Each day I knew I had to get back to my passion before it became too late.
Whilst working in ” the office”, I lived with my Jack-Chi called teeny. Having a very small,highly energetic, pocket rocket in the house sometimes made life very interesting!
I also had a 2-year-old son and was a single mum. It was a pretty crazy house hahaha!
I often think that given the choice I should have quit my job than become a dog trainer, but it was too scary a task to undertake when I had to ensure my son had all of his needs met. I couldn’t afford to pursue my passion and so I continued to slave away in the “sweat factory of the brain”.
I knew that like everything, the time was temporary and it would be soon that I could rekindle my work alongside dogs
After Teeny crossed the rainbow bridge aged 17!, I had a gap of a few years before I adopted Rhona, my current Jack Russell.
Jack Russell Terriers are a very special breed, incorporating power, speed, agility, independence, love and a plentiful character. Not one day goes past without my JRTs making me laugh!
Having the above characteristics can also make the training a challenge.
I wanted to learn how I could help Rhona to be the best version of herself.
To not pull on the lead, to not react negatively to other dogs, to not dig HUGE holes in the garden, to not bark excessively!.
I knew there were other Jack Russell guardians that were facing the same situations.
So I studied dog training and behaviour and proudly graduated through the Institute of Modern Dog Training ( IMDT)
I am also a qualified scent instructor through the World Scent Dog Association. (WSDA)
I am currently studying my level 6 in canine behaviour so my learning never stops , and it never should.
We need to keep our knowledge awakened so that we can continue to learn about our beautiful canines.
” Because nothing forced stays in the soul” -Plato
I continue to invest much money and time in courses and practical experiences to ensure that I bring to you the most up to date, and science-based methods that will assist you and your TREMENDOUS TERRIERS.
I hope you have enjoyed my story but if there is anything else you would like to know please ask.. I DONT BITE

IĀ  am your Jack Russell specialist dog trainer.

I am a qualified trainer and behaviourist

I use only kind and ethical ways to train your dog.

I give you the tools to enable you to be confident to train your pooch.

I am here to support you and your dog so that you can work together to acheive your desired results