Houndagrip Leads

What are Houndagrip leads? Houndagrip leads are designed to be easy hold and not to become slippery in wet weather conditions. The special rubber based material is soft and comfortable to hold but also highly strong and durable.

This makes the leads ideal for sports, high activity, training or regular walks. All of Houndagrip dog leads are great for professional trainers and pet owners alike

All Houndagrip leads are custom made and made to order. To order directly from their wide range, please visit https://www.houndagrips.com/?ref=kx0lojht7j  

I also hold some leads and longlines in various lengths and colours in stock, please contact me at enquirieswagright@gmail.com so I can better advise you of availability and postage dates. Thank you.

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